Chapter Eternal


May each Frater's memory be enshrined in the mindsa and hearts of those with whom he had lived.

NameScroll #Initiation DateDeceasedNotification On
Robert L. Young III1006/19/19668/27/20219/3/2021
John W. Woodward403/6/196512/2/202012/17/2020
Benjamin W. Ward13/6/196511/5/202011/10/2020
Charles P. Pitchford4001/23/19777/1/20207/1/2020
Nelson P. Tibbitt, Jr.343/6/19656/4/20206/8/2020
M. Declan Bransfield III652/20/19669/11/201710/5/2017
Edward C. Fisher682/20/19662/19/20173/2/2017
Alexander W. Cocke2962/11/1973 2/2/2017
Russel R. Turner, Jr.373/6/19658/1/20169/14/2016
Charles J. Waterfield393/6/1965 6/1/2016
Kenneth L. Keefe243/6/1965 6/1/2016
Earl W. Parsons283/6/1965 6/1/2016
J. W. Perkins293/6/1965 6/1/2016
Chris A. Christie143/6/1965 6/1/2016
Lawrence V. Hartsell702/20/1966 6/1/2016
Danny E. Reynolds812/20/1966 6/1/2016
Lawrence W. Fary946/19/1966 6/1/2016
Gary L. Miller976/19/1966 6/1/2016
Francis H. Cohan II662/20/1966 6/1/2016
Joseph Ferris III672/20/1966 6/1/2016
Aloys M. Fohl453/6/1965 6/1/2016
Berbol T. Bateman505/2/1965 6/1/2016
Elliott D. Pursell1031/29/1967 6/1/2016
Thomas J. Luckett11310/1/1967 6/1/2016
William M. Paris1441/28/1968 6/1/2016
James W. McCullough1546/9/1968 6/1/2016
William W. Follin1661/4/1969 6/1/2016
Ralph J. Cartzendafner1692/2/1969 6/1/2016
Ronald M. Follin1712/2/1969 6/1/2016
James M. Krumke1782/2/1969 6/1/2016
Marlin W. Remick II1842/2/1969 6/1/2016
Louis M. Petersen2036/15/1969 6/1/2016
Robert L. Sowder II2046/15/1969 6/1/2016
William W. Buttrill3064/29/1973 6/1/2016
Thomas N. Graham3134/29/1973 6/1/2016
Jack S. Grimes, Jr.3363/31/1974 6/1/2016
Mark K. Law3531/11/1975 6/1/2016
Jere W. Woodall3591/19/1975 6/1/2016
Eugene W. Hair2609/23/1971 6/1/2016
La Verne C. Burlage2651/16/1972 6/1/2016
Robert E. Rampy2661/16/1972 6/1/2016
Michael J. Rose2699/26/1971 6/1/2016
Timothy T. Walsh2719/26/1971 6/1/2016
James R. Peipkin III2779/9/1972 6/1/2016
Davis R. Hall2461/10/1971 6/1/2016
Laverne C. Burlage, Jr.2483/28/19716/1/20166/1/2016
John B. Stowell28611/19/1972 6/1/2016
Lee E. Whitlock III2126/15/1969 6/1/2016
Omax G. Williams, Jr.2136/15/1969 6/1/2016
Harold G. Davis2272/22/1970 6/1/2016
William S. Parker2312/22/1970 6/1/2016
Harry C. Kinney III2343/28/1970 6/1/2016
William E. Hathaway4023/13/1977 6/1/2016
Noel Painter41112/4/1977 6/1/2016
Edward S. Robson4184/2/1978 6/1/2016
Gale Davis4443/1/1982 6/1/2016
John E. Knall4545/22/1983 6/1/2016
Michael F. Rivers5593/26/1994 6/1/2016
Alden M. Wright, Jr.3561/11/1975 4/4/2013
Rod McNeill45611/30/1983 3/7/2013
Robert L. Domina2333/28/1970 2/20/2013
Frank E. Spicer, Jr.3303/31/19741/31/20092/2/2009
Louis P. Flaxman3951/23/19779/25/20072/24/2009
Ernest C. Austin1311/28/19686/14/20066/14/2006
Paul E. Steadman, Jr.2066/15/19693/23/20063/23/2006
Charles H. Foy, Jr.53/6/196510/2/20051/7/2008
Mark L. Goldfarb1516/9/196810/20/200410/20/2004
Donald T. McKinney2241/10/19704/5/20036/24/2010
Claude L. Haynes, Jr.2211/10/19706/7/20022/26/2010
Joseph A. Maffeo, Sr.2231/10/1970 12/5/2001
Harry B. Whitmer, Sr.2261/10/1970 12/5/2001
Briano A. Zottig5692/19/19957/1/20018/15/2019
Karl E. Krumke, Jr.2221/10/197011/14/19983/5/2010
David Sherry2819/9/19729/26/199510/12/2009
Walter V. Buttrill32411/28/19733/28/199512/4/2009
William F. Luckett1621/4/19691/2/199512/3/2009
William F. Duncan1641/4/19698/25/199010/2/2012
Paul E. Steadman, Sr.2251/10/19707/29/19903/23/2010
Harold T. Easley2503/28/197112/1/19861/8/2009
Wayne M. Gaston2451/10/197112/15/19806/8/2018
Jerry W. Wood2322/22/19702/22/197212/5/2001
Joseph A. Maffeo, Jr.1401/28/19681/28/197112/5/2001
Stephen M. Ours1556/9/19686/9/196912/5/2001
David A. James233/6/19653/6/196712/5/2001
Charles B. Moore772/20/19661/1/19001/1/2021
Edwin L. Cox, Jr.1371/28/19681/1/19001/1/2021
Alvin L. Simmons29512/17/19721/1/19001/1/2021

The Kappa-Delta Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon at Old Dominion University was installed as a chapter on March 6, 1965.

Since 1899, Tau Kappa Epsilon has never had an exclusionary clause for membership. TKE does not judge men on their wealth, rank or honor, but instead on their personal worth and character.

Our mission is to "to aid men in their mental, moral, and social development for life." In essence, we build Better Men for a Better World.